The Great Todaiji Temple

Taking a closer look at the famous landmark of Nara

By Irma Syahriar    - 1 min read

Taking a walk through the famous Nara Park will easily lead you to Nara’s spectacular landmark, Todaiji Temple. It was constructed in 752 at the behest of Emperor Shomu and was designated to be the head of all Buddhist temples in Japan. Its main hall, Daibutsuden, is home of the widely-known Great Buddha of Nara. It is a 15m tall statue which weighs around 25 tons.

Todaiji Temple’s complex covers most of the northern park. Exploring the temple grounds on foot, you can come across several smaller buildings and structures scattered around the area. The Nandaimon Gate is a large wooden gate with two fierce-looking tall statues, representing the Nio Guardian Kings. There are also two other sites that you should explore: Hokkedo (Sangatsudo Hall) and Nigatsudo Hall.

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