Book and Bed Tokyo Opens in September

An accommodation that will have bookworms drooling

By Edward Yagisawa    - 2 min read

Unfortunately, not everyone can stay and dine like kings at a gorgeous traditional ryokan with a private onsen. Fortunately, Japan has an array of budget accommodations, from business hotels to the famous capsule hotels.

In September 2015, those options will include Book and Bed Tokyo, a hostel with the concept "a bookstore where you can sleep over at." Beds will be situated right next to bookshelves, while a lounge will be open to non-lodgers during the day as well. There won't be any comfortable pillows and futons, just the opportunity to immerse yourself in books and dozing off while reading one.

The hostel will be designed by Suppose Design Office and produced by R-Store, a real estate select shop. Books will be curated by Shibuya Publishing & Booksellers; a "model room" of the hostel will be on display there from July 13th to 25th.

Located just a minute away from Ikebukuro Station, the hostel could not be in a more convenient location, truly making it every book lover's paradise. Here at this new kind of "B&B," everyone can realize a bookworm's best dream — reading a great book...and falling asleep without even knowing it.

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Official website (in Japanese and English)

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Tyra 'nell Pille-Lu 5 years ago
Oh, I love books! Japan did it again! Another unique experience... This is worth visiting!