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Kyoto Bicycle-Friendly City by 2020

Municipal government wants to reduce carbon emissions

By Claire Rieuneau    - 1 min read

For tourists and long-term residents, cycling is a very nice way to move around Kyoto, to discover places or even commute to work. Good news then, as Kyoto Municipal Government has announced a project to make Kyoto a more tourist-friendly city and help reduce carbon emissions over the next 5 years. They plan to spend money on creating more bicycle lanes, parking spaces and cycling tours around the city by 2020.

Tourists are a primary target for this project, not only to let them enjoy the city more, but also to assure their safety and ease their navigation worries.

In Tokyo, the government already tries to make life easier for those who want to use bicycles, but the connection between trains, buses and bikes is still not good enough. The larger Japanese cities want today to improve their transportation systems to make bicycling an easier option for everyone.

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Claire Rieuneau

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Justin Velgus 7 years ago
This is great news. While riding bikes around Tokyo can be a little tough, cities like Kyoto, Hiroshima, and Sendai are just begging for more bicycle services.