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The ASPAM Building

The Aomori Sightseeing Products (and) Mansion, or ASPAM, is the city's largest and most recognizable building. It is minutes from Aomori train station next to the bay.

Tanabu Festival

Tanabu Festival is a centuries old celebration of the end of summer involving colorful lights, massive moving shrines, dancers, food, sake and the best expression of northern Aomori's hospitality. 

Ominato Nebuta

Celebrate summer with Ominato Nebuta, a unique Japanese festival; a procession of samurai and deity floats, literally in people's backyards. 

Bon Izakaya, Hachinohe

In Hachinohe in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Bon izakaya is a fun place to eat and drink, with spicy south-east Asian food, tasty drinks and a relaxed but fun atmosphere.