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MARUHAN Pachinko in Shinjuku

Though typically foreigners have found pachinko somewhat confusing, with MARUHAN pachinko in Shinjuku tourists can easily learn and enjoy playing pachinko

Gambling in Japan

Gambling in Japan

Regulated gambling in Japan is popular in Japan, and is a form of recreation for many. Lotteries, along with public sports like horse racing and some motor racing events, plus the colorful and noisy Pachinko parlors are some of the few legal gambling activities in Japan.

Kispa La Park Haruki Kishiwada

Like Hokkaido in the North, Nankaido refers to the South sea road, a country defined by its own customs and dialect. It even has its own calendar, starting in September with the Danjiri festival. The heart of Nankaido is at La Park Kispa, the community and commercial center in Haruki.

Bon Izakaya, Hachinohe

In Hachinohe in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Bon izakaya is a fun place to eat and drink, with spicy south-east Asian food, tasty drinks and a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

Dotonbori Shopping Arcade

Shop till you drop! Eat till you drop! Energetic and fun shopping and food paradise! Dotonbori is the heart and soul of Osaka, a street that never sleeps.