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Kamata’s Shopping Arcade

Good place to find your daily needs in Kamata

Even when living in the suburban area of a Japanese city, you do not have to go far to find shops and services offering daily essentials. Kamata, an area situated close to Haneda International Airport, has a shopping arcade that provides everything you need if you live nearby, or are visiting the area. Visitors staying in Oakhouse Kamata will find that they are only a very short distance from the Kamata shopping arcade.

The arcarde, named Zoshiki Arcade, is built under the Keikyu Line. Visitors will be able to find many kinds of shops along the main street running through the arcade. Although comparatively small, the arcade has ample to shops to satisfy the average shopper's daily needs.

The bountiful food stalls, groceries, restaurants, convenience stores, boutiques, and drugstores with affordable prices give visitors the option of picking and choosing which ones to visit. Grocery, kitchen, and household goods offer the greatest variety of choice. What's more, the various kinds of meat and vegetables on sale are available at bargain prices.

Classic street lights and unique street ornaments used to decorate both sides of the street add to the pretty decor of the arcade. This is especially so with the onset of the evening. The atmosphere is further enhanced by classical music played from the sound system that is positioned together with the street lights.

The arcade is not accessible to large vehicles and private cars. Most shoppers come here either on foot or by bicycle. As a consequence, lots of bicycles are parked in front of the shops along the street. When walking around the arcade, visitors should be careful to avoid walking into the same path as one of the oncoming bicycles.

In most cases, shops in the arcade close after 7 pm. However, there are several businesses that are always open for 24 hours like the pachinko and slot, and some restaurants. In this way, Zoshiki Arcade also provides for some entertainment needs.

Local residents and visitors to the area are able to reach the arcade easily because of its strategic position near to several apartments and a main road. In addition, Zoshiki station (Keikyu line) is also found inside of the arcade.

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