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Izakaya Hanbey

Izakaya Hanbey is a japanese style drinking establishment located in Sannomiya. Enjoy the Showa influenced atmospherere. It's sure to become one of your favorite places!

Bon Izakaya, Hachinohe

In Hachinohe in Japan's Aomori prefecture, Bon izakaya is a fun place to eat and drink, with spicy south-east Asian food, tasty drinks and a relaxed but fun atmosphere.

Oil Shock Izakaya, Sendai

Oil Shock [油食来 (オイルショック)] is a Japanese style pub in Sendai, Miyagi Prefecture. With its easy access on Jozenji Avenue, English menu, inexpensive food, and course options, anyone can enjoy a fun night here. 

Hanbey Retro Izakaya Sanjo

Do you want to experience a jump in time to the Japanese Shō​wa period? Hanbey is a national retro-themed Izakaya chain. From your first steps into the establishment, you'll be surrounded by retro ad and movie posters, vintage manga goodies, toys and books!

Donto Izakaya, Kagoshima

In Kagoshima on Japan's western Kyushu island, Donto is a typical cheap'n'cheerful Japanese izakaya dining bar, with a lively atmosphere and inexpensive food and drink.

Shunsai Tokitei Izakaya, Miyanoura

In Miyanoura on the rainforest island Yakushima, south of Kagoshima on Japan's Kyushu island, Shunsai Tokitei is a fun, lively neighborhood izakaya, serving generously sized, reasonably priced food, including delicious, fresh local seafood.

Kyoto's Izakaya for Baseball Fans

Visit an izakaya just outside of Shijo Station in Kyoto, which prides itself in supporting baseball fans! Although their supporting team are the Softban Hawks, all baseball fans are welcome.