Ishiuchi Maruyama Ski Resort

Just outside Yuzawa and linked to GALA Yuzawa

By Rufus Starbuck    - 2 min read

Ishiuchi Maruyama is one of the most popular resorts around Yuzawa. Technically it doesn't count as one of the Yuzawa resorts as it is in the next town up the valley, but it links to GALA Yuzawa and is a short drive from Echigo Yuzawa Station. Shuttle buses run from Yuzawa to Ishiuchi so it is easy to access. It is a reasonably large resort with ski-in, ski-out accommodation on the slopes and several different base areas. The closest to Yuzawa is Hatsukaishi, then there is the Central Area and finally the Kankou Area. The resort is shaped like a triangle and if you get to the top you can ski down the back side into GALA Yuzawa. There is a lift ticket for the 3 Mountain Area that covers the whole of Ishiuchi Maruyama, GALA Yuzawa and Yuzawa Kogen which gives you masses of slopes to explore. Ishiuchi Maruyama is a good day on its own with lots of different runs to keep you busy, as well as 2 half pipes and a couple of terrain parks. There are also plenty of great restaurants on the slopes if you just want to sit back and watch the action.

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