Things to Do in Niigata


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If you're visiting Niigata, check out this list of top tips and things to do to make the most of your time there.

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Nestled out in the countryside of Niigata prefecture, Echigo Tsumari does not seem to be frequented by foreign travelers in the Tohoku region. A self-proclaimed art field, the space literally unites art with nature. Some pieces are even planted in rice paddies, and workers plant and collect the grain alongside these works of art.

At the Sado Gold Mine, you can learn the rich history of the mines, the mine workers and the mine's production until its closure in 1989.

Echigo-Akiyama Driving Route - breathtaking scenery along the Nakatsu River on the Niigata/Nagano border
Visit this peaceful shrine and get to know the great culture in Yahiko village.
Ishiuchi Maruyama is a popular ski resort just outside Yuzawa town that has a good variety of slopes, 2 half pipes and several terrain parks. Slopeside accommodation and an abundance of restaurants on the hill make it a great choice for either a day trip or a longer stay.
In 1918, a wealthy merchant in Niigata, Saito Kijuro (IV), built a beautiful summer villa; carefully and spaciously planned for the viewing of its superb Japanese garden
Ever fancied a ride in a cut-off barrel? Try tarai-bune in Ogi Town, Sado Island.
At the Ponshukan in Yuzawa, you can wait for your train while drinking vending-machine sake and bathing in an onsen where the hotspring water is enriched with sake.