Makizushi 6


Located in the suburbs of Saitama, this culture class is a genuine way to familiarize oneself with the technique of making Makizushi...

Saitama 2
Tokujuan Restaurant 6

Tokujuan Restaurant

An authentic Japanese dining experience for the entire family at Tokujuan

Saitama 1
Fuji TV's Minna no Yume Tairiku 8

Fuji TV's Minna no Yume Tairiku

Inflatable slides, concerts, and much are make up this year’s Fuji TV summer festival. Whether buying a day or night pass, be ..

Ikebana Class in Kawagoe

Ikebana Class in Kawagoe

Ikebana, or Kado, is a Japanese style of flower arrangement that focuses not solely on the flower but also on the beauty of a plant's..

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