Kashiwazaki Trip

Never look down on a small town

By Jieyi Zhou   Mar 14, 2017

Kashiwazaki is a city located in the northern-central area of Niigata Prefecture, with a 89,000-strong population. Despite its small size, don't look down on it as it has great charm which may attract you in a different way.

There are a few famous spots that deserve your visit, which include the Kodomo Shizen Ohkoku (Children's Nature Kindom), Shoun Sansou (Japanese-style garden), Kadoide Japanese-style paper, Sea of Japan Fish Market... (Click here to read more information about Kashiwazaki.) - that will be that one place that is sure to grab your attention.

Wandering in the snow-covered roads, breathing in the fresh air while enjoying the beauty of nature, forgetting the hustle and bustle noise from the city —— you will be refreshed and charged to go towards your next destination.

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