M Festival (Photo: Myoko Mountain Music Festival – Go Myoko / CC BY-ND 2.0)
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M Festival

Myoko Mountain Music Festival

Venue: Go Myoko - Ikenotaira Onsen Ski Resort When: Mid Oct 2024

The M Festival in Niigata features not only world-class music but also includes a focus on sustainability, art, and an outdoor lifestyle. One of M Festival's principle objectives is to bring people closer to nature.

The event was conceived by a group of friends, both Japanese and foreigners, living in the beautiful surroundings of Myoko Kogen, Niigata Prefecture. The dream was to create a truly world-class outdoor festival with the lush green backdrop of Mount Myoko.

The Myoko Kogen area is well known for its sheer abundance of snow during the winter months, but equally impressive is the area's green season, offering hiking, biking, onsens, and now its very own festival, all at temperatures much cooler and more comfortable than the cities in summer.

M Festival organizers are made up of Myoko locals and some outside help too, most of whom are volunteers, ensuring that visitors enjoy a safe and enjoyable good time.

Come see for yourself this September and check out Japan's newest festival.

Full lineup to be announced soon!

Getting there

Myoko Kogen is a 3.5-hour shinkansen/local train ride from Tokyo via Nagano. Free shuttle bus to the event from Myoko Kogen Station.

Via car, the event and accommodations are a little under an hour from Nagano city and around 3.5 hours from Tokyo.


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