Neaba Valley to Saragakyo Valley

Snow Country trail section hiking

 By C. Rio   Oct 23, 2013

This summer I set upon the goal of trying to hike all the parts of the Snow Country Trail, the 280 mile loop that connects the three prefectures of Gunma, Niigata and Nagano via hiking trail and access roads. As I have a fulltime job in the summer, I have been trying to tackle this monumental task one section at a time on my days off.  With this section, I started off optimistically, hoping that the clouds would part as I made my way to the summit.  Although I reached the summit amidst a cold white haze, I did manage to get some great views on both the way up from the Naeba valley and back down into the Saragakyo valley side.

Photography by C. Rio
Japan Travel Member

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C. Rio Photographer 4 years ago
Thanks, Kyushu is beautiful and I wish I had spent more time there. I would have to recommend you check out Mt. Aso. I just posted a photo essay of a hike I did there 2 years ago, If you would like some idea of what it is like.
Mandy Bartok 4 years ago
Great shots! I've been enjoying all of your mountain posts. Any recommendations for good hikes in Kyushu?