Tomioka White Museum

A museum filled with artworks depicting snow country

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The Tomioka White Museum is situated in Minamiuonuma, a region of Niigata Prefecture which is often referred to as yukiguni, or snow country. It's rather fitting then that the works here depict snowy regions of the world, from right here in Japan through to parts of China and Alaska.

The pieces here were created by Soichiro Tomioka, who even developed his own brand of paint, named Tomioka White, in order to paint the snow covered landscapes that are characteristic of this part of Japan.

On the premises there is a small cafe where you can enjoy a coffee after you've explored the artworks, and a gift shop that sells items including postcards depicting some of the pieces in the museum.

Be sure to take some time to embrace the views from outside of the museum, which are just as captivating as the artworks on display inside. The mountainous scenery changes with the seasons, and offers the chance to get a perfect glimpse of Mt. Hakkai, perhaps best known for the Hakkaisan Sake Brewery.

Getting there

The closest train station is Muikamachi, on the Hokuhoku or Joetsu JR Lines. From there, hop onto the Yamaguchi bus line until you reach the Kamiyakushido stop. The museum is just a couple of minutes on foot from there.

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