Triple Kids Amusement Cafe, Niigata

A cafe where kids can play while parents rest

By Rufus Starbuck    - 2 min read

Who needs the gym when you have young kids to run after? Harassed parents will love the Triple Kids Amusement Cafe in Niigata city. It is right next to the aquarium and is a perfect add-on to a trip there.

As you head to the aquarium you can look up to your left and see some colorful climbing frames in the second floor window of the white building. You'll probably see some young heads bouncing around as well. Head up the stairs and open the door into a paradise for children. It is best to have a firm grip on them at this point as once they see the toys and play apparatus they are off.

There are a few sections to the cafe. There is an enclosed balcony with views over the beach and ocean just a stone's throw away. The main area is seating at low tables while the kids go nuts on the slides and ball pool, or there are some chairs and counters around too. Just inside the door is a little play area with shelves of toys and a play kitchen. Off to one side are some low tables and even more playthings.

You don't have to eat here to use the facilities. The kids can play for an hour for one hundred and fifty yen. If you do eat though, they play for free. There is a large menu with pasta, rice, and noodle dishes as well as a few set meals. As you would expect from a kids cafe there are lots of great options for the little people. If you are just dropping in for a short time treat yourself to a cake set or snacks.

It is great to sit back and relax while the youngsters keep themselves amused, safe in the knowledge that the whole cafe is set up for them to have fun. No worries about causing mischief or upsetting other patrons either. It is a convenient location as well, with a park, the beach and the aquarium all close by, so if you are looking for a fun day out for the kids, everything is right there.

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JD Duquette 5 years ago
This place is (was) great for a fun lunch with kids but it moved to a different location last year. Here is the new address: 〒950-0885