Yairo no Mori Kids Snow Festival

A snow festival with the little ones in mind

Venue: Yairo no Mori Park When: Early Mar 2021

The annual Yairo no Mori Kids Snow Festival is a seasonal event designed with the little ones in mind. Held at Urasa's Yairo no Mori Park, the area turns into a winter wonderland in the colder months and the wide open space is perfect for burning off some energy outdoors.

The event has plenty to keep children occupied including a bouncy castle, hills set up for sledding, banana boat rides, opportunities to try mochi pounding and stage show performances.

There are also a wide range of child-friendly festival foods available to enjoy at reasonable prices. Bring some yen with you if you plan on grabbing a bite.

Getting there

The Yairo no Mori Kids Snow Festival is held at Yairo no Mori Park. The area can be accessed on foot from Urasa Station in approximately 10 minutes. Taxis are also available from the station.

If you are driving to the venue there is free parking available at the site.

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I'm an expat who has lived abroad for almost a decade, including 7 years in Japan. I've also visited 44 of 47 prefectures and hope to get to the last three someday! I'm particularly fond of exploring off the beaten path destinations, gardens, and tea houses, and have a real interest in Japan's growing vegan scene.

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Sleiman Azizi 2 years ago
Mochi pounding! Good to get the kids involved in that. Especially since you get to eat the final product.
Kim Author 2 years ago
Yes! They did it at my daughter's school earlier this year and she thought it was the greatest thing ever! It's one of the things I love about Japan, they really do have a lot of hands on cultural activities that are great for kids to get involved with.