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Guest House Rojiura

Top notch accommodation in Beppu

Tucked in a back alley near Beppu Station is one of the best accommodations we have enjoyed in Japan. Guest House Rojiura opened in April 21, 2016 and months later, everything is still as clean and new as when it first opened.

As we stepped into the lobby, a bright cheerful voice greeted us in perfect English. Kohari, who works the front desk, welcomed us and got right to work settling us into our room. The corridor leading to the dormitory rooms was lined with shelves and shelves of comic books. Some 3,000 good old comic booke are available for guests to borrow but also make for a quirky decoration. Opposite the wall of comics are 5 wash stands and mirror sets, perfect for washing up without crowding.

Our generously spacious room had six double deck beds, each bed big enough for an adult and a child to share as we did with our two kids. It was also equipped with lockers to stash valuables in. There are mixed dormitories and women-only dormitories. A night's stay costs ¥3,000 regularly, and ¥3,300 on Saturdays. Private rooms for 1, 2 and 3 people are also available.

Our favorite space is the common room. This huge sitting area, dining area and kitchen looked straight out of an IKEA showroom. Comfortable chairs have been tastefully handpicked to match the Scandinavian feel of the place. The fully equipped kitchen has everything you might need to prepare your own meal and clean up afterward. This is my first time to see a state of the art dishwasher in a guest house! It is also fully stocked with ingredients people often use for cooking (i.e. oil, soy sauce, worcestershire sauce) so it is possible to buy meat and vegetables and fry up your own home cooked favorites if you're tired of eating out or just want to save some money. The guest house has nice china and silverware you can borrow, and these are not your cheap ¥100 shop stuff either. You can have all the tea and coffee you want on the house with the beverage machine.

Other facilities that guests would find useful are a coin laundry (washer and dryer), PC, printer and reliable wi-fi, and free bike rental (with a deposit of ¥1000 which will be returned upon return of the bike).

Guest House Rojiura is conveniently located near Beppu Station. Only a 2 minute walk from Beppu Station's East Exit. It is also a 12 minute walk from the beach. Beppu Onsen, Beppu Park, and Beppu Tower are within walking distance as well.

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Anonymous 6 years ago
looks very convenient...
Relinda Puspita 7 years ago
The library is heaven.

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