Nakatsu Castle

A hidden gem in Oita Prefecture

By Shehzad Lokhandwalla    - 1 min read

Many Japanese cities are symbolized by their castles. Whilst some are really popular, others are not very well known. Nakatsu castle might be less popular in comparison to the other big castles, but it is definitely one of the most beautiful castles in Japan. The history of this castle dates back to 1587 when the daimyo, Kuroda Yoshitaka, began construction of this castle. It is surrounded by sea on one side, and on the land side there are various temples nearby that protect the castle.The castle was destroyed in 1877, but not until 1964 was it faithfully rebuilt using the original design. Today the 5-storey castle is privately owned and also consists of a beautiful museum that holds some interesting artifacts, armor, and katana swords. There is also an observatory point on top of the castle. The castle is situated 10 minutes from the Nakatsu station, and has an entrance fee of ¥400. It is definitely worth visiting this castle, and its charm will definitely bring you back to the city of Nakatsu.

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