A Day in Niimi City

The amazing things you see while driving in Niimi

By Judith Mikami    - 1 min read

I spent the day in Niimi on May 5th and in this short time I felt like I had travelled through diverse landscapes and weird altitudes. I started the day at the annual fishing festival, the day was cloudless and warm, and the fish were jumping out of the river.  After lunch we hopped into the car and drove to Tetta Winery, located at the top of a mountain in Tetta Town. We saw a sign with old traditional masks, forests all around us and then the vineyard rolling over the top of the mountain. Driving back to Niimi city we found this huge modernist water art structure in the middle of the mountain. At the bottom of this mountain was the largest waterwheel structure.  I ended the day with dinner at the oldest running ramen shop in Okayama prefecture.

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Judith Mikami

Judith Mikami @judith.mikami

Hi, I’m Judith Mikami originally from Auckland, New Zealand. I came to Japan about twenty years ago to experience a culture and country very different from my homeland. Like many who have ventured to Japan I fell in love with the people, culture and places and before I knew it I would meet my husband. I have lived only in Okayama Prefecture and call this area my home away from home.