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Mabi Udon Made Fresh Each Day

Mabi Town in Kurashiki makes tradional handmade udon

It is true that when you are navigating around JapanTourist you will notice a lot of articles on shrines, temples and the food that Japan is well known for.  But even though I am going to introduce you to a udon restaurant that I have been a patron for over 20 years, when I say it’s delicious it REALLY is.

I think udon is probably the best food to eat during any season as its filling in the winter time and light and cool in summer.  Henkotsu Udon is a family run business and this is very noticeable when you visit because the father, mother and sons who work there, definitely look alike.

There is something comforting in being able to go to your local restaurant and order your favorite dish and for it to be exactly how you want it to taste.  This is what you will get when you come to Henkotsu Udon.  Whether this is your first time or your hundredth you will get the best tasting, freshly made udon this shop has to offer.

As you walk into the restaurant you will see a window display of the plastic prototype that looks to real it scary.  Here you can get an idea of the size and the different ingredients you will be able to eat.  Some of my favorite dishes over the years has been the teishoku which is a lunch set (this come with hot udon, picked cabbage, small fish and white rice), tenzaru udon (cold udon with dipping sauce and a selection of shrimp and local vegetable done tempura style) and tendon (hot or cold udon, you can choose plus rice with tempura shrimp and fried onions on top).  There are of course a lot more to choose from but these three dishes have served me well over the years.

Over the years I have brought family and friends to this restaurant to eat.  No matter how experienced you are with eating with chopsticks, you can feel assured that Henkotsu staff will make you feel part of the family.  On my mother’s first trip to Japan years ago, we took her here knowing that her chopsticks skills were zero.  She did try but after a few strings of udon landed on the floor one of the servers quietly passed her a fork to use.  This I will never forget and even at the time when it seemed funny I believe my mother felt that this kind gesture was one of the reasons why I love this country and especially Okayama.

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