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Mitsukura Mushrooms in Ushimado

Japan's largest button mushroom grower

Hidden in the hillsides of Ushimado you can find Mitsukura Mushroom Company. It is the largest grower of these white and brown mushrooms in Japan. On my way to the company I had allowed a lot of time to find the place but as it happened I kept on driving around in circles, passing the company probably about 10 times and arriving for my appointment nearly 90 minutes late.   

Mitsukura Mushrooms has made every effort to make sure it blends into the countryside, explaining why I missed the entrance so many times. Finally arriving at the office, I composed myself and began the interview. Most people who live in Japan have seen this product in their local supermarkets whether in Hokkaido or Okinawa, Mitsukura Mushrooms products are there.  

The story why this company decided to grow these types of mushrooms goes that the owner of the company returned from the US in the 70’s with the idea to grow these types of mushrooms which at the time were quite new to the Japanese consumer. The operation started of small with only a few growing sheds but expanded quickly as the demand for the delicious product grew. As we can see today, the company has dominated the marketplace and is a great business success story.  

I was given the tour of the different growing sheds and as a huge mushroom lover was surprised how natural the growing environment was. In New Zealand, as a child I was able to go mushroom picking near the family farm when I visited during my holidays and visiting Mitsuishi Mushrooms made me remember all those great memories and fresh smells.  

Many locals from around Setouchi City are employed there, so in my book any company that supports its local community is doing the right thing. When our online shop is active we certainly will include this local Okayama product to our readers based in Japan, you will be able to order direct from us at it will be delivered to your home the next day (except for those of you who live in Hokkaido or Okinawa, it takes 2 days to get to you). Fresh button mushrooms.

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