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Where to buy Uniqlo in Kurashiki

A great place to buy trendy t-shirts

Uniqlo is one of Japan’s clothing success stories. It originates from Yamaguchi prefecture here in West Japan and if you ever get to Yamaguchi you can still see the first store. I decided to write about this clothing chain as it produces some of the best collections of t-shirt designs that you will want to buy for yourself or for gifts.

To get to Aeon Kurashiki Mall where a large Uniqlo shop can be found you can walk from Kurashiki train station, which will take you about 30 minutes, or you can easily catch a bus that leaves from the north side of the station. When you get to the mall Uniqlo is located on the second floor, just above Toysrus near the Movix movie complex.

The price of the t-shirts vary depending if they are on sale or they have just been released but you can get these Japanese Uniqlo COOL t-shirts anywhere from 300 to 1,500 yen. No matter when you visit Japan you will be able to find something so uniquely Japanese to buy. They often have collections dedicated to Japanese anime characters like Gundam, One Piece, Pokemon, Astro Boy as well as a collections of iconic Japanese symbols. One of my favorites is the Japanese mayonnaise company with its cute character.

Another feature of Uniqlo t-shirt marketing campaigns is they often offer a gift with the t-shirt. There have been kids' books, Gundam figures, stickers and even a "buy one t-shirt get one free" offer. Of course this clothing store is more than just t-shirts; they offer a great selection of fleece tops, jackets that come in over 30 colors or more. They have undergarments, shoes, caps, scarves, just about anything and everything that you would need. They have clothes for infants, children, women and men and the sizes go up to 2XL for those liking the baggy look.

The prices are very affordable, and in recent years the trends of casual dressing accessorized with luxury items has been part of the new fashion statement here in Japan. The style and design will appeal to nearly any person so it’s pretty easy to find a gift for even the most difficult of family members or friends.

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