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Daiso Aoyama 100 Yen Plaza

Okinawa's most popular chain of 100 yen stores

Daiso Aoyama's 100 Yen Plaza is the most popular chain of "dollar" stores in Okinawa.

The Japanese seem to have gotten this retail segment perfected. The stores are packed with a wide selection of everyday needs and specialty items with quality that exceeds what you might expect from a deep discount retailer. Japan is known for having inexpensive and interesting gadgets as well as ingenious designs all of which proliferate the aisles at 100 Yen Plaza. Banana cases, tiny trash cans, large coin banks, beautiful laquerware, laundry accessories, pet items, tools, hardware and office supplies unique to Japan make for an impulse shopping environment that won't hurt the pocketbook. It's a joy to shop here, even with children as they won't be asking to buy a $40 toy, not even close to that. Visitors will find an impressive array of snacks and drinks to select from, and lots of good souvenirs and household items to show off back home. Not everything in the store is priced at 100 yen, but the vast majority of items are. The store I visited is the large location on Route 23 in Chatan, but 100 Yen Plaza has dozens of locations throughout Okinawa. Each store is open from 10:00 ~ 21:00. Japanese tax is 5%, so expect to pay 105 yen for each item.

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