Unspoiled Paradise Ishigaki Island

Summer, sun, sandy beaches and much more

 By Nicole Bauer   May 2, 2013

The waters around Ishigaki are so incredibly clear that it feels kind of unreal. When you arrive by plane, you can actually see the coral reef right below you, even from high up. There are a lot of beaches and a great underwater world to discover and I suppose one could easily spend a week here without getting bored—provided that you like a quiet escape surrounded by crystal clear waters and white beaches!

Photography by Nicole Bauer
Japan Travel Member

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Bronwyn O'Neill 9 months ago
What lovely photos!
Victoria Vlisides 2 years ago
This really makes me miss Okinawa. Wow... that snake picture is an awesome find! How long does it take to get there from Naha?
Nicole Bauer Photographer 2 years ago
Thank you Victoria! We took the plane from Tokyo, with a stop in Naha, I think it was about 1 hour from Naha to Ishigaki.
Olga Kaneda 2 years ago
So it was Kabira bay... Cool, thanks, Nicole!
Nicole Bauer Photographer 2 years ago
Yes, a really unspoiled spot, although the whole island is really unspoiled I think. Glad you like it!
Hwee Woon Lim 2 years ago
Beautiful scenery... thanks for sharing!
Yik Kho 3 years ago
Kojima Island... I just think of MGS