New and used Manga and more 24 hours a day in Awase

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

Resale shops abound in Okinawa and some are of considerable size, but few have the breadth of selection that the Mangasouko stores with locations in Naha by the airport and Okinawa City next to the Prefectural Comprehensive Athletic Park have. The nearly nationwide retailer bills itself as a store for CDs, DVDs, games, toys, cards, home appliances, musical instruments, clothing, fishing gear, and amusement. Mangasouko is a great place to browse for just about anything, especially Japanese pop culture items such as playing cards, comics, video games, and anime videos and figurines. Drop by anytime as the stores are open 24 hours a day. The Naha location is located just beyond the end of the Okinawa Airport Expressway on the right before reaching the airport. The Okinawa City location is located on Route 133 next door to the Okinawa Athletic Stadium. The stores sell just about anything and also buy just about anything in order to keep its shelves stocked.

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