A Walk By Okinawa Athletic Stadium

Courts and Fields Galore

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

Although the majestic Okinawa Athletic Stadium anchors the Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park, there are many other facilities and sites to see in the immediate vicinity. There is an outdoor and an indoor pool as well as a water park fully decked out with two long twin twisting slides. In addition to the stadium itself there is another football field ringed with a competition running track and two more football fields sans tracks. Those who enjoy tennis will be pleased with the 16 full size competition courts. There's also a gymnasium, a pond and lots of room to run around. Signs posted near tree-lined areas and the edges of the park warn of the possibility of poisonous Habu snake encounters. Fitness enthusiasts visiting Okinawa City owe it to themselves to take a leisurely stroll - or a brisk run - through Okinawa Comprehensive Athletic Park; its a great place to let off a little bit of steam while visiting Okinawa. Just don't forget to look down once in awhile for the snakes.

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Michael Flemming

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