Nagannu Island, Okinawa

Setting foot on an uninhabited island

By Varsha Vaswati    - 1 min read

Be the first to set foot on this uninhabited island for the day or stay back for the night and have the whole island to yourself for a perfect romantic getaway ! Crystal clear emerald waters lapping the white coral sand beach make for some astoundingly gorgeous scenery while the large surrounding lagoon is perfect for great diving and snorkeling experiences along with many popular marine sports. In order to preserve the island's natural habitat, no outside food or drinks are allowed on the island and tickets also include a ¥100 tax towards environment conservation. Just a short 20 min ferry ride from Naha (Okinawa), Nagannu island provides for the best of views and beach activities making for perfect summer memories.

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Varsha Vaswati

Varsha Vaswati @aame.varsha