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Japanese housewares galore

There comes a point during any extended stay in Japan at which one must embrace going native in order live in comfort. My own exact point of going local occurred when I needed to fill an empty apartment with curtains. I made an exhaustive search online and on nearby military base stores but couldn't find that right solution for it having to fit and needing it right then. Luckily I found out what the katakana syllables Ni-To-Ri means.

Nitori is a chain of Japanese home furnishings and housewares stores. I did make the plunge to purchase curtains for six sliding glass doors and five other smaller windows without spending the $1,000 in yen that I thought I'd have to. Next came the bed and the sheets to fit it - its not in the standard King-Queen-Full-Single sizes in Japan by the way. Soon afterward my dinner table came to resemble the tableware styles found at fancy noodle shops. Nitori seems to have everything I need for my home and I've even purchased a few gifts for others there, too. I can't shop Nitori too often because I seem to load up with another cart full of items to accessorize yet another room each time that I do.

Nitori is located on Route 85 just south of the intersection with Route 33 in Uruma city and is right next door to Sports Depo. Nitori is open daily from 10:00 to 21:00.

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