Reptilian and Crocodilian Paradise

A Stroll Through Danger and Delight in Nature Land

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

The Okinawa Zoo in certainly by no means a large zoo but it does have a broad array of nearly 200 species on its hillside park. The southern most side of Japan's southernmost zoo features a swampy lowland full of crocodiles, alligators, frogs, turtles, tortoises, snakes, iguanas and lizards that will delight those not frightened by crocs, gators, and snakes. The snakes and lizards can be seen inside a reptile house after which a climb to the top of the building gives a great view of several crocodiles just below. A climb back down and beyond the reptile house leads to a path past an American alligator, the turtles and tortoises and more crocodiles. A part of the Nature Land at the Okinawa Zoo and Museum in Okinawa City, these animals are kept a safe distance away or below visitors.

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Michael Flemming

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