Toguchi Beach Park

A Low Tide Adventure along the China Sea and Hija River

By Michael Flemming    - 1 min read

I probably wouldn't have discovered Toguchi Beach Park if it hadn't been for my church. It conducts all of its baptisms in the water here between two limestone bluffs. My family has witnessed dozens of members of Belmont Church get cleansed; I even held my wife's hand as the pastor baptized her. Its a special place to us. We've come back many times to enjoy its beautiful blue water beach which very often is shallow and perfect for walking out to look for clams, sea urchins and crabs. We've seen scuba divers here, skin divers, and photographers shooting models. Our kids love to run around the trails and play on the playground. I like the views of the ocean. There is a small restaurant on site and a few vending machines. There are lots of tables, benches and pavilions to sit at. The park is open to the public free of charge and is open around the clock.

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Michael Flemming

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