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Shakey's Pizza

Celebrating 40 Years in Kadena Town

It's a bit perplexing but refreshing at the same time to see a few of the beloved but now defunct franchise restaurants of my youth thriving here on Okinawa. The Shakey's Pizza Parlor next to my high school in Arizona closed down in the late 1980s; but there are a growing number of locations here on Okinawa that endure despite stateside tastes and managerial expertise being largely absent. The Kadena Town Shakey's Pizza Parlor celebrates its 40th year on Okinawa in 2013. The restaurant at one time was a stand alone eatery along Route 58 but now has grown into a location inside the popular Navel Kadena shopping Center. Shakey's offers a lunch time buffet, take out, and dining ala carte in the late afternoon and evenings. The lunch buffet includes soup, curry rice, drinks, pasta, pizza and deserts for 980 yen for adults, 750 yen for teenagers, 400 yen for twelve and under, and free for children three and under. Pies are offered in a "traditional" thin crust or in a thicker New York style crust. Small personal size pizzas start at less than 800 yen while large pizzas top out at about 2,300 yen. Beer, soft drinks, tea and coffee are about 200 yen or more each. Salads, pastas and appetizers vary according to size for 200 yen to 800 yen each. Shakey's Pizza at Navel Kadena is open daily from 10:00 ~ 22:00. Exact buffet hours vary slightly on holidays and weekends.

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