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Kadena Marina Complex

A beach park and restaurant available to the public

The Kadena Marina Complex located on the North China Sea is a hidden recreational gem in plain sight right off of Route 58 in Kadena Town. The complex is a part of but physically separated from the rest of the American Kadena Air Base. There's a sentry gate at the entrance on Route 58 that isn't manned with personnel, and thus for as long as I can remember it has been open to the general public, with the marina, scuba shop, gear rentals and pavillion rentals being exceptions. The general public is free to experience the beach and the co-located Seaside Ristorante.The beach is shallow and netted in, but becomes deep enough for serious swimming along the southern part of the marina complex. A large island in the marina harbor is a popular spot to explore. Scuba divers can regularly be seen at the extreme southern side of the beach plunging into the water off of the coral bluff. The Kadena Marina Complex is open Wednesday through Monday 10:00 ~ 18:00, opening a bit earlier at 08:00 on Saturday and Sunday.

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