Uruma Shimadakara Art Festival

An art project across the five islands of Uruma City

Venue: HAMACHU (Former Hama Junior High School) When: Nov 25th - Dec 4th 2022

The Uruma Shimadakara Art Festival is an art project that takes place across the five islands of Uruma City in Okinawa Prefecture. Four of those islands (Henza Island, Hamahiga Island, Miyagi Island, and Ikei Island) are connected by road, and the fifth (Tsuken Island) can be accessed via ferry.

Photo: Uruma Island Art Project Executive Committee

Around 40 creative groups are participating in the event, comprising of both local Okinawan artists and artists from outside the prefecture. The theme for this year's festival is "Everyday Things", and the art on display is set to include sculptures, murals, glasswork, and more.

A one-day adult ticket for the event is priced at ¥500, and anyone high school aged or younger receives free admission.

Getting there

The main venue for the event is the HAMACHU (Former Hama Junior High School) building on Hamahiga Island in Uruma City, which is approximately an hour's driving time from downtown Naha.

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