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A banquet that is fit for a Maharajah

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There are quite a few Indian restaurants in Osaka, but if you want a good one, try Asian Sitaare, just about 20 minutes from downtown Namba, Nipponbashi or Uehonmachi. This culinary establishment can be found near Kintetsu Fuse Station under the railway track across from the landmark Line Cinema, which also has a McDonald's on its first floor.

When you open the door of Asian Sitaare, you will hear Indian pop music flowing through the dignified interior as both a large wood-carved elephant figurine and the Indian God’s messenger catch your eye. You may then notice that the entire staff— including the owner and manager— is Indian, all of which transports you back to the sounds and sights of Delhi or Mumbai.

The staff of Asian Sitaare provides the restaurant with an easy, family-friendly atmosphere. You can always watch how the chefs cook behind the counter, kneading the naan bread and tenderly preparing the tandoori chicken for roasting. Better yet, when the shop is not too busy, have a chat with the friendly wait staff as you wait for the chef to cook your food. Since Mr. Mohanlal, the owner, has lived in Japan for many years, you may ask him questions about the charms of Osaka and Kansai.

Every dish at Asian Sitaare has an authentic Indian taste and is very delicious. Samosas and tandoori chicken are two of the most popular menu items. Personally, the cheese naan is my favorite, even though it is not traditional to eat it with Indian meals.

Unlike the shops downtown, Asian Sitaare offers popular lunch menus, such as mild curries for children and those who cannot eat hot curries. On the other hand, if you prefer something hotter, you can adjust your curry to taste by adding the chili powder provided on each table. If you desire a super-hot curry, you can request the green sauce (be careful! for it is a very, very hot chili sauce) or Asian Sitaare’s original flavored hot-sauce with coriander and mint from your waiter.

For the best value, try the 650 yen lunch menu (550 yen for students) which includes a vegetable salad and a free drink or free extra naan (which will really fill you up) with your order. You could also try the healthy-sounding Ladies Dinner Set (1,290 yen), which includes chicken curry, vegetable curry, and chicken tikka. Asian Sitaare has recently started to offer as much as you can eat with free drinks for 2,480 yen. It's really good for its price. Ordering a single plate is not a bad option either, as you will get a free drink or a 10% discount. If you do not want to eat-in, many of the dishes are also available for takeout.

Asian Sitaare, which celebrates its 10th anniversary this year, has branch restaurants in Ehime and Tottori prefectures. They are also on facebook.

Ehime : Indian Restaurant Hari - Atrantis 21, 2-114 Takagi cho, Niihama city, Ehime

Tottori : Dilli Darbar - 3-1-16 Midorigaoka Tottori city, Tottori

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