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Energise your Body and Spirit by Acupuncture

By Yui Yamaguchi    - 3 min read

Whenever I have stiff shoulders, headache, back pain or fatigue, I often go for a massage. I've tried various kind of massage such as oil, Thai, Swedish, aroma, remedial, shiatsu and chiropractic, but my favorite recently is acupuncture. It's been 3 years since I stepped inside Akiho Acupuncture Clinic.

Speaking of acupuncture, I thought it is only for motor apparatuses, but this treatment is versatile, covering digestive organs, circulation, reproduction and respiratory and even for beauty. You can manage and maintain your health by regular treatment. I had many healing experiences by stimulating pressure points, for example from coughing and fatigue caused by insomnia. Eastern medicine enables to get your body healed in a different way to Western medicine.

At Akiho Acupuncture Clinic, Dr. Akiho first of all asks about your current body condition. She is thorough as you tell her about your sleeping patterns, fatigue and blood pressure and whatever else that is on your mind. You then lie down on the bed and she checks the pulse of both your wrists. Its intensity can tell you if the organs are working normally. "Your stomach is very tired.", she says. Actually, I had been over drinking/eating for last several days, and I didn't feel 100% in that area. She presses my tummy which gives me uncomfortable pain and said it was "a bit too stiff". This is the sign that blood circulation is not good, but you'll recover to its normal state by better circulation. I've got needles on my pressure points on my foot and while my tummy got needles and incense. The needles are as thin as hair, I don't feel any pain other than a little pointy feeling, much different from the drip needles in the hospital. The incense brings you comfort and warmth. It is amazing that such a small thing can release tension around the tummy. Next, you lay on front as the doctor checks the other parts of the body. When the needle is insert in my lower back or shoulder, I experienced the feeling which I never had before, the stimulus reach somewhere I can't reach by myself and it had a pulsating feeling. In acupuncture it is called an "echo". Dr. Akiho checked my wrists once again and said that "the pulse of digestion came back'.

Akiho Acupuncture Clinic is located in the Morinomiya College of Medical Arts and Science, Annex School (5 mins walk from Subway Imazato Line Midoribashi Station or 12 mins walk JR Loop Line Morinomiya Station). Dr. Akiho appreciates that every body is unique and she has a great heart. Not only she treats us individually, but also she give us helpful advice for life in general. I feel my heart is lifted after chatting with the good listener. I noticed that my body got energized and my soul is motivated.

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Yui Yamaguchi

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