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Expo’70 Commemorative Park Rose Garden of Peace

The Tower of the Sun and the Rose Garden

The Expo’70 Commemorative Park, known as Banpaku Kinen Koen in Japanese, is located in Suita City, Osaka. it features the Rose Garden of Peace where more than 5600 red and pink roses come into a spectacular full bloom each May.

The garden is quite large at about 6,000 square metres with precious roses donated by nine countries. These include roses that float on the water and are quite colourful and so very beautiful! The garden is surrounded by plenty of roses, so much so that their fragrance wafts through the air. Just walking through the garden is enough to make you feel refreshed.

As you may know, this park was once the location where the Osaka Expo '70 was held. This international expo was attended by 77 countries and was held for the first time in Asia. It was very successful as well as being an exciting time.

Most of the buildings used at the time are no longer standing, however, the Taiyo-no-to, known in English as the Tower of the Sun, still stands proudly. Designed by the renowned artist, Okamoto Taro, the tower is quite large and is known as the symbol of the park. Visitors can enter the tower and enjoy this amazing symbol!

Aside from the rose garden, the park offers leisure attractions like the Japanese garden and even a hot spring! You can also enjoy riding a boat in the pond while the landscape is pleasant. The park is particularly good for families to enjoy and for children to play in. There are some restaurants too, meaning that you can spend a whole day here.

Next to the park, there is the shopping area LaLaport Expocity. You can enjoy not only shopping and food but a large Ferris Wheel and movies!

For a nice day out, you can definitely enjoy both the Expo'70 Park and LaLaport when you visit Osaka's Suita City.

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