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Incredible Views of Osaka

Impressions from Umeda Sky Building

I had not been in Osaka for more than 5 hours, but I knew the first thing I wanted was a birds eye view. It was my first time to the city, the sun was brilliant and my luggage was resting in a coin locker in Umeda Station.

As famous as the the familiar Tokyo Skytree, the Umeda Sky Building is known for an incredible view of the city. It’s futuristically unique with it’s windowed escalators leading up to the skyline and rarity in much of urban Japan with roof access. Standing at the highest peak in Osaka, some twenty feet from the edge was breathtaking. The sunlight was meaner, but seeing how far this city stretched and connected was impressive, giving me a thirst to see even more of it. I saw couples sipping coffee, old friends catching up, tourists gabbing about their adventures and the fellow photographer just admiring the landscape. The tower was easy to get to, very worth the ¥700 to the top and certainly on my list of ‘things I’m glad I did.’

Any visitor to Osaka should have this on the top of their list, if only to get a taste of how massive the city is before you jump into it.

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