Kuromon Ichiba Arcade

Osaka's Kitchen

By John Carter    - 1 min read

Known as the kitchen of Osaka, the Kuromon Ichiba arcade really lives up to its name as fresh fish and vegetables of a high quality are in abundance. Though it is no Tsukiji the fish on sale is just as fresh. In fact, many are still alive. You’ll find fugu (blowfish) is a common sight here and if you dare then there are several restaurants where you can enjoy this potentially deadly delicacy. For those who’d rather not take the risk, many of the shops have their own tanks filled with blowfish, making for a strange aquarium type experience. Conveniently located near the Sennichimae arcade, a hub for cooking equipment and kitchen goods, everything you need to prepare and serve the perfect Japanese meal is easily obtainable. At around a 10-minute walk from Kaneyoshi Ryokan and about five minutes from Nipponbashi station it’s easily accessible. Visiting around 10 am is advisable as the market is full swing by then.

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