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Magnificent Night Views of Osaka

Seen from the Floating Garden of Umeda Sky Building

On a cold clear day in December 2013 I climbed to the top of Umeda Sky Building in Osaka to see the gorgeous night view from there.

Umeda Sky Building has a famous 'Floating Garden' on its rooftop, which is an observation floor that boasts a 360 degree panoramic view of the city of Osaka. The most important feature of this place, which pleases me a lot, is that since this is an open-air space, I don't have to worry about the reflections of lights on the glass windows. Although it's unbearably chilly to stand on the 40th floor of a 173-meter-high building, once you see this gorgeous night-time view, you'll forget about the chill for a while. This is the must-visit place if you ever come to Osaka!

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