Okonomiyaki at President Chibo

One of the best restaurants to eat okonomiyaki in Osaka

By Lester Goh    - 1 min read

Six minutes' walk away from my accommodation in HOTEL MYSTAYS Shinsaibashi, you can go shopping in the huge Daimaru Shinsaibashi Shopping Center. Aside from shopping, the building also holds one of the best okonomiyaki restaurants in Osaka: President Chibo Restaurant.

On the 8F of Daimaru Shopping Center, the restaurant President Chibo is proof that a classy restaurant and high-quality food do not have to be expensive. With prices around 2,000 JPY during lunch time, you can enjoy a very delicious menu with cooked onigiri, Japanese omelette and Osaka's speciality: okonomiyaki.

Okonomiyaki is a Japanese meal with no equivalent in other countries where you can mix everything you love. It can be considered as a pizza for the form and the concept, but the taste is completely different and unique. Some restaurants let you cook your own okonomiyaki, but in President Chibo, you can enjoy dishes prepared in front of you, step by step. Be careful - the seats in front of the teppan are limited. If you wish to sit near the Chef, I would recommend you call beforehand to do a reservation.

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