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Osaka Auto Messe

An auto show with a focus on car customization

By Kim    - 1 min read
Venue: Intex Osaka When: Feb 11th - Feb 13th 2022

The Osaka Auto Messe has been an annual event on the Kansai calendar since 1997, and regularly draws visitor numbers in the hundreds of thousands. This auto show has a particular focus on car customization, and attendees can check out a wide variety of custom parts and accessories.

Advance tickets usually go on sale up until early February for ¥2100, which can be purchased at 7-11, Lawson, Family Mart or Mini Stop store locations. Purchasing tickets on the day sees the price increase to ¥2700.

Getting there

Osaka Auto Messe takes place at Intex Osaka (often referred to as International Exhibition Center Osaka). The closest station is Nakafuto Station on the Osaka Metro Nanko Port Town Line. From the station, Intex Osaka is approximately six minutes away on foot.

Alternatively, if you drive to the venue it's located approximately 10 minutes from the Hanshin Expressway's Nanko-Kita Exit or Nanko-Minami Exit, depending on the direction you're traveling from. As parking in the area will be limited given the high visitor numbers to the event, public transportation is strongly advised.

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Sherilyn Siy a year ago
Fascinating how there are trade shows that are so niche specific.
Kim Author a year ago
There really is something for anyone's interests - it's wonderful!
Sleiman Azizi a year ago
Blasts from the past, that's for sure.
Kim Author a year ago
Definitely some old school gems among the cars on display!