Pretty Flowers in Osaka Castle Park

Enjoy lovely flowers inside the historical park!

By Takako Sakamoto    - 2 min read

The other day I visited Osaka Castle located inside the vast Osaka Castle Park. It took me two full days to explore only the half of it. But if I walked straight from interest point A to interest point B, I could have seen them all in less than a day. The problem is, whenever I spotted something curious, beautiful, or interesting, I stopped in my tracks and scrutinized whatever caught my eye, and took time taking photos of them. The photos I introduce here are some of them. Flowers. Beautiful flowers stopped me in my tracks and didn't let me go. They hindered me, but I have no regrets. Enjoy these beauties I found in Osaka Castle Park! For further guidance to the things that stopped me, please refer to the links below.

Osaka Castle Park Series 1. Osaka City Museum Building 2. Hōkoku Shrine in Osaka Castle Park 3. Small shrines inside Hōkoku Shrine 4. Shusekitei in Hōkoku Shrine, Osaka 5. Beauties at Hōkoku Shrine, Osaka 6. Shudo-kan in Osaka Castle Park 7. Kyoikuto in Osaka Castle Park 8. Pretty Flowers in Osaka Castle Park 9. Animals in Osaka Castle Park

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