Cafe Talisman

A Sailor Moon cafe to feed the sailor soldier within

By Michelle Montano    - 3 min read

For many Japan enthusiasts, Sailor Moon was the spark that ignited a love for Japan, and there are few better ways to revisit times past than to stop by Cafe Talisman, a Sailor Moon-themed cafe in Osaka with a sophisticated atmosphere.

Cafe Talisman offers an wide array of expertly-decorated Sailor Moon items that is sure to delight any moony.

The cafe has variety of drinks, from coffee and tea to smoothies and original soft drinks. Presentation is important at Cafe Talisman, and every item on the menu is a work of art. Coffee drinks come with foam art of characters from the magical girl anime. Original drinks are named, designed and colored to represent Princess Serenity, Prince Endymion, the four inner sailor soldiers, Sailor Chibi Moon, the three sailor stars and villain Galaxia. There are four types of smoothies symbolizing Sailor Saturn, Neptune, Uranus and Pluto with their sailor emblems on top.

Dessert is something Cafe Talisman does beautifully. Among the items on the dessert menu are parfaits topped with a sailor soldier symbol and cakes in the shape of stars. The banana pound cake, which looks like a shooting star, in combination with ice cream and a sprinkle of colorful rock candy creates a perfect, fine dining-like texture.

Only one meal is served at Cafe Talisman, which is doria, but in two different flavors: tomato and red wine mushroom. The dish is served with a side of hot soup and a fresh, crisp salad. Despite coming from an anime-themed cafe, the doria could have come out of any well-known restaurant. Once again, the presentation is excellent, with the rice in the doria in the shape of a star.

The cafe itself is refined and sophisticated in appearance and can fit 18-20 people. The floors and tables are dark hardwood, the sofas are leather and the rest of the furniture is painted black. While there are several Sailor Moon decorations around the cafe, they are mostly subtle in nature. Sailor Moon art books are laid out on display by a table for customers to enjoy. Several posters are high up on the wall, and an array of small collectibles like plushies and figurines are placed on a shelf behind the bar. Other subtle decorations include a rose sticking from the ground (Tuxedo Kamen's trademark) and small golden stars placed around and outside the cafe.

Sailor Moon music from both the anime and musicals plays quietly in the background, just loud enough to trigger a small wave of nostalgia while dining in the calm environment.

Cafe Talisman's sophisticated ambience, delicious food and drinks, superb presentation and Sailor Moon decorations are just enough to be warm and nostalgic without being overdone. It is a must for every Sailor Moon fan.

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Michelle Montano Author 5 years ago
Hi, Yui. Neither the owner nor the wait staff wear costumes.
Yui Yamaguchi 5 years ago
Does the owner of the cafe wearing a sort of costume?