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Arabiq Books & Gallery Cafe

Detective, fantasy novels, and ball-jointed dolls

The Arabiq Books & Gallery Cafe’s place is in a quiet part of Osaka, and greenery at the entrance helps to make the place feel special. You walk through a quiet street and then dive through the door shrouded in greenery into another world.

When I visited Arabiq Books & Gallery Cafe for the first time, I was immediately charmed by its wonderful atmosphere. The lighting was magic, so I got the feeling like I was going into another reality. There were thousands of books, arranged in an artistic way that didn’t resemble a library. I thought I’d like so sit down there and read a book with a cup of coffee.

The owner Ken Moriuchi greeted us and talked. Some visitors were regular, I guessed. Ken- san talked with each of them as long as the guest wanted, and suggested drinks – coffee, beer or stronger drinks.

Besides books, there were drawings and paintings, dolls and many other artistic items to look at or to buy. My visit was half-business as we presented the part of the exhibition Fantanima. Ken-san agreed to organize the exhibition at Arabiq and nicely arranged the exhibits himself. The animals of Fantanima were at home in the gallery, and their presence reminded me of a movie or a cartoon as if those strange and funny creatures came out of books and became alive. I also felt like I was part of that fantastic world, separated from the real world just by the door of Arabiq.

Visiting Osaka a year later, I went to the Arabiq Gallery to greet Ken-san and to spend some time in that magic atmosphere once more. Ken-san was happy and we talked as good friends. I thought, if I lived in Osaka, I’d be a regular guest.

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Anonymous 6 years ago
I would be here all day long.
Elena Lisina Author 6 years ago
Yes, it's nice place, but open not all day long! ;) :)

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