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Seventeen Cafe: Osaka

A limited-time event dedicated to this K-Pop group

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Venue: Kawara Cafe & Dining, Tennoji MIO When: Nov 27th - Dec 20th 2020

Apop-up cafe event dedicated to the K-Pop band Seventeen is taking place in Osaka, as well as several other locations across Japan. The event will have a variety of eats, drinks, and desserts on offer, plus Seventeen merchandise which is only available for purchase at the venue.

The main dishes at the pop-up cafe are all meat-based, with the likes of roast beef and hamburger steak sets on offer. There's also an option to pick your meat of choice (beef steak, roast beef, hamburger steak, grilled chicken, or grilled pork), how it's served (either in a bibimbap bowl, with Korean-style noodles, as a Korean-style rice plate, or with bread), and the type of seasoning used. For the record, there are 13 different types of seasoning, for each of the 13 band members. There are also several desserts available, including a brownie tower, hot chocolate parfait, and a brulee-style hotteok (a type of Korean filled pancake).

Advance reservations for the cafe can be made on the official event website. Walk-ins on the day are subject to seating availability.

Getting there

The Osaka Seventeen Cafe event will be taking place at Kawara cafe & dining at the Tennoji MIO Complex. The venue is just a minute on foot from either Tennoji Station or Osaka-Abenobashi Station.

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