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The World of Food in Osaka

Hints from locals on Osaka's finest foods

Osaka is a food lovers city and I was fortunate to be taken around by some of Osaka's finest food veterans (I'm talking 40+ years) during my visit. As you take a stroll down Osaka's famed shopping street, Shinsaibashi, you might hear high pitched, repetitive chants of "Takoyaki!". This is not the latest hit song on Japanese radio; this is indeed the theme tune of Osaka's great cheap eat: Takoyaki.

Takoyaki is literally 'grilled octopus', but if you throw it into a pan with some tempura scraps, pickled ginger, green onion, and drenched in an egg based batter, you will get these lovely balls of delight that Osakan's like to call Takoyaki. Fortunately, these are great for the budget traveler and can be picked up on the street at a decent price. 

Once you have had your appetizer of Takoyaki, head to Daruma just near by. At Daruma you can pick up Kushikatsu. Kushikatsu is battered and deep fried food on a skewer. This can range from fishcakes, rice cakes, chicken, shrimp, pig, vegetables, quail egg, and more.  You can dip these delicious snacks into a communal container of tonkatsu (Remember to dip just once). After your introduction to Osakas finest food, take a long stroll down Shinsaibashi and enjoy the friendly and relaxed atmosphere Osaka has to offer.

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