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Ultimate Guide to Osaka Castle: 11

Sakura-mon Gate, huge stones, well curb, and empty moat

This photo story is to guide you step-by-step as you explore the Osaka Castle and the Osaka Castle Park. The eleventh leg of the journey begins at the Sakuramon Gate, which is an important cultural property of Japan, to the huge stones inside the gate and the empty moat outside the gate. One of the stones used for the stone walls inside the gate is called 'Takoishi', literally, the octopus stone and it measures 59.43 ㎡ on the surface and weighs 108 tons. You can also see the third largest stone next to it, which is called 'Furisodeishi', meaning long-sleeved kimono stone. And don't miss the old well curb which was constructed in the early Tokugawa Period (1603 to 1867)!

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