Sushi Snow Dome

Snow domes that showcase the Eri Inami style

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A young and creative visual artist based in Tokyo, Eri Inami’s work highlights the rise of digital graphics in the 80’s that later flourished in the 90’s. After graduating from Sokei Academy of Fine Art & Design, she began to work independently on her brand. Her interest in the 90’s digital era is depicted through her use of flashy colours, abstract patterns and fat pixels.

Though her main focus is on video, this theme has been incorporated in other pieces such as snow domes, clothing, and pictures. What sets her apart from other artists is her unique and curious sense of style visible in her creativity with images and various material.

The sushi snow dome is an example of this distinctive Eri Inami style. She fuses Japan's iconic food with her 90's digital graphics motif in this piece with colourful glitter and bright red and yellow salmon egg roe and sea urchin. An irresistible piece for sushi lovers, this sushi snow dome is a great hand-made souvenir from your trip to Japan.

For more information on the artist and her collection, visit her website as well as her online shop.

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