Myohonji Temple

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Myohonji, located in the heart of Kamakura, is one of the oldest Nichiren-sect temples of Japanese Buddhism. Despite its city location, the temple is renowned for its tranquil atmosphere and lush encircling nature. It also tends to be less touristy than other temples in the area.



1-15-1 Ōmachi, Kamakura, Kanagawa (Map) (Directions)



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Myohonji Temple is about a 10 minute walk from Kamakura Stations. For general directions, walk along the main street, (Wakamiya Oji), and head south, turning left when you reach Honkauji Temple. From here, continue walking up a slope that will eventually lead up to the front gate of this temple

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Myohon-ji Temple

Myohon-ji Temple

Larry Knipfing

Myohon-ji is an absolutely gorgeous temple, just ten minutes on foot from Kamakura Station. The funny thing is, most people do..

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Myohonji Temple


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