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On Toukami Yamanagisa Park Campsite 4 years ago
I was one of those "Shimane Locals" that would frequent this spot! Thanks for sharing, Kenji. –Adam
On Komaba Park, a green gem in Tokyo 4 years ago
Very nice article! Komaba Park was a regular part of my walk home from a friend's place and I remember it fondly. Thanks for sharing! –...
On Shibuya's Goodbeer Faucets 4 years ago
I grew up in the neighborhood behind this building! Can't believe it now houses a craft beer joint :) That would have been fun..
On Hitchhiking Kyushu 5 years ago
Amber, that's wonderful!! I'm so glad you tried it :) That is a long trip, too! You should write about your own hitchhiking experience on...
On Hitchhiking Kyushu 5 years ago
Kyle: Glad to have another Hitchhiker on Japan Tourist!! Well done on your trip to Tokyo! How was it getting back to Hachinohe??